Tunnels under Fort Southwick

Richard Jones organised another tour of the tunnels under the fort, presently used by a gaming club. Unexpectedly we were allowed access up the stairs (168 steps by torchlight) to the lower derelict parts of the main fort. There are many similarities to other forts on the hill, but also items long-lost from elsewhere. Although parts of the original Victorian equipment remains, there is evidence of more recent occupation by various parts of the armed services.
Thanks to the various managers for their co-operation and enthusiasm.

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A tour of Fort Purbrook

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Maurice was our volunteer guide for a two-hour tour of the fort, which has seen all sorts of users come and go since its construction 150 years ago. Most of them have left signs behind, ranging from graffiti, an Edwardian post box and WWII toilets to modern-day climbing walls. There wasn't actually time to see it all, maybe we need another visit. Thanks Maurice.

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